When a resource consent application is received by the Council, we conduct an assessment of its environmental effects. 

If the environmental effects are more than minor, the resource consent will require public notification under Section 95A of the Resource Management Act.

If you would like to make a submission on one of the following notified resource consent applications, please fill out the submission form or contact us on 0800 884 880 if you need any assistance.

Applications currently notified

RM19-0556: Addiction Foods NZ Limited

Addiction Foods NZ Ltd (the applicant) has applied to discharge contaminants, being odour, to air from an industrial pet food operation at 240 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. The applicant manufactures dry pet food and has done so at this site since 2007. Currently production operates between the hours of 4 pm until 8 am, but in some instances it is run 24 hours a day to meet demand.

The introduction of Plan Change 13 (PC13) means a consent is required for this activity (pet food manufacture by the application of heat) under Rule AQ 21(r). Therefore the applicant was required to apply for resource consent within 6 months of PC13 taking legal effect (in this case when it was notified) as per Section 20A of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

The applicant proposes to undertake a staged upgrade approach, implementing improvements to the system with monitoring, evaluation and confirmation of the effectiveness of these measures. The applicant is currently part way through this upgrade process.


Any person may make a submission on the application by sending a written submission to Bay of Plenty Regional Council at PO Box 364, Whakatāne 3120 or email to RegulatoryAdmin@boprc.govt.nz no later than 5.00 p.m. on Thursday, 18 March 2021.

RM18-0211: Bay of Plenty Regional Council Integrated Catchments Group

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Integrated Catchments Group has applied for resource consent for the replacement of resource consent 64684, which relates to the construction of erosion and flood protection works within and adjacent to waterways across the Bay of Plenty region and at stream mouths along defined sections of the Bay of Plenty coastline.

The Applicant states that the works proposed are typically small-scale works undertaken to remedy bank erosion, protect people and property from flooding and/or to enhance riparian habitats. The works are proposed to be undertaken by the Applicant in order to fulfil the statutory obligations of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council with regard to soil conservation, maintaining and enhancing water quality and avoiding or mitigating natural hazards.

Specifically, the application is seeking to undertake the following activities:

  • Repairing stream/riverbank erosion using various types of structures and vegetation;
  • Carrying out channel realignment and clearance works to address problems caused by lateral migration or elevated water levels;
  • Removing sediment, debris, sand and gravel build up from the beds of rivers and streams to reduce the risk of flooding on adjacent land;
  • Maintaining riparian vegetation (including mulching) and removing debris from the beds and banks of watercourses where they are causing obstructions and causing (or have the potential to cause) bank erosion (collapse) or scour of the stream bed;
  • Redirecting and altering water flows to restore original channel alignment to prevent the loss of productive land;
  • Works within the coastal marine area to open and/or realign stream mouths and clear debris in order to prevent or remedy upstream flooding; and
  • Battering and planting stream banks to provide bank stability and enhance riparian habitats.

The application specifically excludes the following areas:

  • Waterways within the River Scheme Maintenance Areas defined in Schedule 5 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Natural Resources Plan;
  • Rivers and streams within the boundaries of Te Urewera, Whirinaki Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park, the Raukumara Conservation Area and the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park;
  • The Rotorua Lakes; and those sections of rivers and streams within the coastal marine area, except within sections of coastline between Otamarakau and Matata and between the eastern side of the Ohiwa Harbour entrance and Cape Runaway, as well as the rivers and streams which flow into the Ohiwa Harbour.


Any person may make a submission on the application no later than 5.00pm on Monday, 1 February 2021 by sending a written submission to:

Bay of Plenty Regional Council
PO Box 364

Facsimile 0800 884 882
Telephone 0800 884 880

RM19-0663: Genera Limited

Genera Limited has applied for resource consent to discharge contaminants into air from fumigation for quarantine application or pre-shipment application at the Port of Tauranga. The application is to continue, and modify, the fumigation activities authorised by existing resource consent number 62719.

Specifically, the application is seeking authorisation for the discharge of the following contaminants to air associated with the fumigation of quarantine or pre-shipment goods and materials:

  • Methyl Bromide
  • Phosphine

The Applicant is proposing that the management of fumigation activities is predominantly addressed through the development and implementation of a Fumigation Management Plan. In addition to the Fumigation Management Plan, the Applicant proposes that specific controls be placed on some contaminants. In particular, the use of methyl bromide is subject to a number of restrictions, including the employment of recapture technology and adherence to nationally prescribed exposure concentration rates. Recapture technology is proposed for all container and break-bulk cargo fumigations undertaken, as well as the majority of on-wharf log row fumigations (that are undertaken under tarpaulins). Recapture of methyl bromide from the holds of ships is not proposed.

The proposed activity does not meet the definition of effective recapture in Plan Change 13 of the Regional Natural Resources Plan and the application is therefore for a non-complying activity under rule AQ R20. The applicant requests a consent period of 10 years.

Submissions close: 5.00 pm on  Monday, 16 November 2020.

All submissions must be submitted to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and a copy served on the Applicant’s agent, Beca Limited:

Email: RegulatoryAdmin@boprc.govt.nz
Post: PO Box 364, Whakatāne 3158

Beca Limited
Email: keith.frentz@beca.com
Post: PO Box 903, Tauranga 3140

RM20-0475: Haas Orchard Limited - 5B Water consent application take groundwater

Allegro Limited (consultant) has applied on behalf of Haas Orchards Limited (the applicant) for resource consent to take and use groundwater for irrigation and frost protection. The bore subject to the proposal is owned by the applicant and is situated on their property at 85 Western Drain Road, Edgecumbe.

The applicant proposes to take water from BN-10083 (76 metres deep), at a maximum rate of 4 Litres/second for all purposes. The required annual volume of 45,374 cubic metres (m3) is made up of 31,199 m3 for irrigating kiwifruit and 14,175m3 for frost protection of kiwifruit.

Although the orchard is already developed, there is no previously granted existing consents to take water at the site.

The subject bore is located in the Kope Orini 1 water management zone which is a no net recharge water management zone and therefore there is no available allocation.  The bore is only ~70m from the Reids Central Canal water management zone which has water available for allocation.

The applicant requests a consent period of 15 years.

Submissions have now closed.

Applications recently notified

RM19-0257: Central Freightlines Limited trading as CFL Contracting

Central Freightlines Limited trading as CFL Contracting has applied for resource consent to extract gravel from the bed of the Whakatāne River from where the Opawa Stream flows into the Whakatāne River downstream to near Ohotū Road in Rūātoki North. Gravel will be extracted from the dry riverbed in two reaches.

The application is to continue a similar operation as consent number 63746, which expired on 30 June 2017. This application is to extract up to 20,000 m3 per year, or 200,000 m3 over ten years. Proposed hours of operation are 7.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, and 8.00 am to 12.00 pm on Saturdays.

The application is for a ten year consent term.

RM16-0160, RM17-0084 and RM19-0782: Affco New Zealand Limited – Discharge of wastewater and stormwater from the meat processing facility to land and water (Kaituna River), State Highway 2, Rangiuru

Affco has applied for the renewal of four resource consents for the discharge of wastewater and stormwater from the meat processing facility to land and water. The application details are:

Consent number being replaced

BOPRC application number

Activity authorised



Discharge of treated wastewater from the meat processing plant to water (Kaituna River)





Discharge of treated wastewater to land via seepage




Discharge treated amenities wastewater to land




Discharge stormwater and defrost water to water (Kaituna River)



The site is located between State Highway 2 and the Kaituna River at Rangiuru. The site contains multiple legal descriptions. 


Any person may make a submission on the application by sending a written submission to Bay of Plenty Regional Council at PO Box 364, Whakatāne 3158, or email to RegulatoryAdmin@boprc.govt.nz, no later than 5.00 p.m. on Thursday, 23 July 2020. 

RM17-0424 - Creswell New Zealand Limited

Creswell New Zealand Limited has applied to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to:

  • Take a maximum of 5,000 cubic metres (m3) of groundwater per day (1,100,000m3 per year) for the commercial bottling of water;
  • Undertake earthworks associated with the expansion of the water bottling plant;
  • Discharge stormwater and treated process wastewater to water; and
  • Discharge treated sanitary wastewater to land.

Please note that part of the application is to replace consent number 20595 which expires 1 October 2026.

Location of the activity is at 57 Johnson Road, Otakiri.

Submissions have closed.

RM17-0678: Transpower NZ Ltd application for a transmission line relocation

(BOPRC) and RC26155 (TCC) Joint Notification

Transpower New Zealand have applied to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Tauranga City Council for various resource consents that are required to facilitate the relocation of the Hairini to Mount Maunganui A 110kV transmission line (A-Line) which currently traverses Maungatapu Peninsula, Rangataua Bay Estuary and Matapihi. The proposed works will result in the relocation of the A-Line off private land and out of the Coastal Marine Area (CMA) and generally into the State Highway Road corridor where a separate line (known as the B-Line) is currently located.

Consents applied for

  1. Earthworks within 20 metres of the CMA during the installation of a new pole - State Highway Road Reserve (Maungatapu);
  2. Disturb contaminated land during the installation and removal of poles - Private land (Matapihi).
  3. Undertake drilling which may intercept the water table – includes possible discharge of sediment contaminated stormwater into the CMA - Private land (Matapihi).
  4. Modify a wetland by removing vegetation, and creating access to works areas for transmission pole relocation - Private land (Matapihi).
  5. Disturb the CMA in order to remove existing transmission pole from Rangataua Bay.
  6. Occupation of the airspace above the CMA (Rangataua Bay) by the new A-Line transmission lines - consent sought under the Resource Management (National Environment Standards for Electricity Transmission Activities) Regulations 2009.

Tauranga City Council application number RC26155:

The proposal requires the following resource consents under the National Environmental Standards for Electricity Transmission Activities 2009 (NESETA):

  1. Pursuant to Regulation 16, for the relocation of transmission line support structures that do not meet the permitted activity or controlled activity conditions under Regulation 14. This is in relation to Poles 28A/28B (replacing a twin pi-pole structure 28), 29A, 30A, 31A, 32A, 38A, 43B, 47A, 48A, 48C, 48D and 48F. The poles are either increasing in height by more than 15% and/or moving more than 10m from their current position.
  2. Pursuant to Regulation 31, for the trimming of willow trees within a natural area (SEA 25) for the purpose of reducing the risk to a transmission line by providing the specified electric clearance.
  3. Pursuant to Regulation 32, trimming, felling or removing any tree or vegetation in relation to an existing transmission line. In this case, minor vegetation removal is required for the proposed wiring site and associated access track within SEA 25.
  4. Pursuant to Regulation 39, the construction of additional poles that are not a relocation of an existing pole. This is in relation to Poles 33A, 33B, 33C, 33D, 33E, 39A, 40A, 41A, 42A, 43C, 44B, 45A, 48B, 48E and 127A.

Please note that the above applications to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Tauranga City Council are jointly notified.

Copies of the application documents can also be viewed on the Tauranga City Council website.

A full copy of the applications are also available on USB on request. Please contact the bay of Plenty Regional Council Regulatory Coordinator Team on 0800 884 880.

Submissions have closed.

RM18-0508: Rotorua Lakes Council

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Rotorua Lakes Council have received an application from the Rotorua Lakes Council (the applicant) for a suite of resource consents associated with the upgrade of the existing Rotorua Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the discharge of treated wastewater to the Te Arikiroa Channel of Lake Rotorua at Puarenga Bay (Sulphur Bay).

This resource consent application covers the works involved with upgrading the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the construction of a new land contact bed and discharge channel, in addition to the ongoing discharge of treated wastewater to the Te Arikiroa Channel of Lake Rotorua. Other associated consents to allow for the reuse of treated wastewater, the discharge of nutrients to the lake and contaminants (primarily odour) to the air from the Wastewater Treatment Plant are also sought.

Submissions have closed.