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Dangerous Dams Policy

What is the Dangerous Dams Policy?

The Bay of Plenty region houses a number of large dams that are used for a variety of purposes including hydroelectric generation, water supply, flood control, irrigation, farm stock supply and recreation. The existing dangerous dams policy covers the identification of at-risk sites and their management.

This policy is being updated to assist Regional Council to reduce the risk of dam failure in the region, as part of our obligations under central government’s Building (Dam Safety) Regulations 2022.

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What’s changing under the new regulations?

Under the new regulations (which will take effect through Regional Council’s policy update), dam owners of dangerous, earthquake-prone and /or flood-prone dams are required to determine if they own a classifiable dam.

The key aspects of the new regulations to address are:

  • Determine if you own a classifiable dam that is 4m or more in height and impounds 20,000m3 of water or fluids.
  • Undertake a Potential Impact Classification (PIC) on your dam.
  • Have the PIC audited and approved by a Recognised Engineer.
  • Lodge the PIC with your Regional Authority (Bay of Plenty Regional Council).
  • If the PIC assesses your dam as Medium or High Potential Impact, undertake to develop or update a Dam Safety Assurance Programme for your dam to be lodged with your Regional Authority.

The following web links contain information that will help you complete an assessment and advise you of actions to take moving forward.

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