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Economic development

Our regional economic development activity is facilitated through Bay of Connections, which works across the wider region.

Bay of Connections is an economic development catalyst for the wider Bay of Plenty. Its role is to connect the dots and advance tactical projects across the region, with the goal of delivering regional, transformational and long-term benefits.

Its targeted approach involves working alongside local areas, helping ensure alignment where it makes sense, minimising the potential for duplication and providing thought leadership where required.

Bay of Connections takes an inclusive, “bottom up” approach to support councils, EDAs and industry achieve tangible, long-lasting economic results that benefit the wider Bay of Plenty region.

Established in 2008 Bay of Connections has evolved to meet the changing needs of the landscape of regional economic development.

The Bay of Connections key focus areas were confirmed by Council following a review in 2019, with a new, independent leadership group established to work with stakeholders across the region to progress tactical projects aligned to the priority areas: Māori economy, infrastructure, workforce development and low carbon economy. These focus areas intersect and support one another at multiple levels, which reinforces Bay of Connections’ holistic, sustainable approach to regional development.

For more information on the Bay of Connections and its activities, click here.

Bay of Connections continues to be funded by Bay of Plenty Regional Council, reporting to the BOPRC Strategy and Policy Committee.