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Pest management


New pest alerts - keep an eye out for these!

Red Vented BulbulPests are unwanted animals or plants that have a negative impact on our environment, economy and people. Despite enormous effort and expense, national border controls are not foolproof in intercepting new pests. Many pests arrived here long before the introduction of border controls. As a result, all landowners face a host of risks from pest plants and animals. Some extremely invasive pests have recently arrived unexpectedly with devastating impact. These include kiwifruit Psa, didymo and the maize crop weed, Noogoora bur.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has developed the Regional Pest Management Plan (the Plan) as a tool to actively manage pests throughout the region. The Plan’s aims are to prevent new pests establishing themselves in the region and minimise the impact of those already here.

Pest identification

For pictures and brief descriptions of the region’s pests, see our User guide to the Regional Pest Management Plan.

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