The way you pay your Regional Council rates is changing from 1 July 2022. Before 1 July 2022, for the 2021-2022 rates year, you should continue to pay your Regional Council rates to your city or district council as usual.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council administers rates on behalf of Bay of Plenty Regional Council. For questions regarding the payment of your rates, payment options, due dates, penalties or remission policy contact Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

For all other queries, contact us.

What your rates pay for

General Rate (land value) and Uniform Annual General Charge

  • Integrated catchment management
  • Flood protection and control
  • Resource regulation and monitoring
  • Public Transport
  • Regional development
  • Regional planning and engagement
  • Democracy, Engagement and Planning
  • Technical services

Targeted Rate

Kaituna Catchment Control scheme targeted rates are calculated using a combination of land area, site charges and the extent of service provided to part-fund the Kaituna Catchment Control work activity.

Western Bay of Plenty District Passenger Transport targeted rates are calculated as a fixed charge per property for Western bay to fund the Passenger Transport work activity.

Civil Defence Emergency Management targeted rates are calculated as a fixed charge per property for services provided by Civil Defence Emergency Management group.

Regional Safety and Rescue Services targeted rates are calculated on where the rateable unit is situated and fund organisations that provide safety and rescue services within the Bay of Plenty.

For more information visit the Rates Funding Impact Statement in our Long Term Plan 2021-2031, starting on page 174.

Rating Information Database

  • The rating information database for Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and the Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme, is available for inspection at the offices of Western Bay of Plenty Council (Barkes Corner, Cameron Road, Tauranga).
  • Property owners may request in writing to Western Bay of Plenty District Council, as Bay of Plenty Regional Council's rating agent, to withhold his or her name or postal address (or both) from the database.