The way you pay your Regional Council rates is changing from 1 July 2022. 

Taupo District Council will no longer administer rates on behalf of Bay of Plenty Regional Council - however you will still need to pay your district council rates directly to them. 

What your rates pay for

General Rate (land value) and Uniform Annual General Charge

  • Integrated catchment management
  • Flood protection and control
  • Resource regulation and monitoring
  • Public Transport
  • Regional development
  • Regional planning and engagement
  • Democracy, Engagement and Planning
  • Technical services

Targeted Rate

Rangitāiki-Tarawera river scheme rates are calculated by land area and the extent of service provided to part-fund the Rangitāiki-Tarawera river scheme work  activity.

For more information visit the Rates Funding Impact Statement in our Long Term Plan 2021-2031, starting on page 174.

Rating Database Information

  • The rating information database for Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and the Rangitāiki-Tarawera River Scheme, is available for inspection at the offices of Taupō District Council. (30 Tongariro Street, Taupō).
  • Property owners may request in writing to Taupō District Council, as Bay of Plenty Regional Council's rating agent, to withhold their name or postal address (or both) from the database.