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Below is a summary of the key proposed plan changes to date or you can view the full plan documents from the links on the bottom of the oil spill response page. 

  1. All reference to “Tier II Plan” has been deleted as per MNZ requirements.  Updated issue date on document to March 2021.  Explanation: The terms Tier I, II and III describe response levels, not plans.
  2. Added Scott Robinson as a Primary ROSC (to be appointed) and Derek Hartley from WRC and Salvatore Ali from Gisborne as an Alternate ROSCs.  Removed Peter Buell & changed Adrian Heays to Alternate ROSC. 
  3. Updated all links to documents with current versions, deleted obsolete versions and information.
  4. Updated all Government agency names and legislation references to current Acts/Rules/Regulations.
  5. Added the Maritime 0800 5 KNOTS with an explanation that this is the number to reach on-duty Maritime Officer, the Regional Harbourmaster and the On Duty ROSC.
  6. Noted advent of ROSC Duty Roster and made reference to “On Duty ROSC” in regards to spill escalation and response.
  7. Verified every contact detail and website listed in the plan and supporting documents
  8. Inserted new process for “Offshore Oil Spill Response”
  9. Updated the description of the Incident Management Team (IMT) and Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  10. Cleansed all personal contact details which may potentially be subject to privacy concerns
  1. Verified all hyper-links are correct.  Also all supporting documents are correct and up to date in council databases
  2. Updated equipment lists and contractor capabilities
  3. Updated dispersant use/storage details – now all out of the region and for use under MNZ directions
  4. Updated the MNZ equipment lists
  5. Added Tūhua spill kit contents
  6. Added new marine surveyors contact information
  7. Updated the list of Z Energy spill equipment as per their Oil Transfer Site plan
  8. Added CDEM Covertex Air shelter as potential Forward Operating Base or Wildlife Temporary Holding/Recovery Facility. 
  1. Updated the Oil Spill Incident Decision Making Process to reflect the new structure with the Primary ROSC Position and the advent of the on Duty ROSC Roster
  2. Inserted reference link to BOPRC guiding document for iwi engagement and culturally informed practice: He Korowai Mātauranga
  3. Made commitment to more regularly engage/present on regional spills and responses to special interest groups such as Tauranga Moana Iwi Collective in accordance with He Korowhai Mātauranga
  4. Updated CDEM roles and functions

No changes.

  1. Updated storm water plans for PoT to reflect new construction
  2. Updated and notated main bunker line as-built designs and bunkering lateral lines showing all manual and air operated shut off valves
  3. Inserted links to two new Waste Management Oil Transfer Site plans for Sulphur Point.  These plans list Port of Tauranga and Waste Management oil spill equipment, access and storage location details
  4. Updated the NZ Threatened Species Status list for marine avifauna
  5. Added notes for Northern Sulphur Point as a potential all-tide oil containment, collection and recovery area
  6. Redrafted text for Whakaari White Island changing the preferred response action from shoreline clean up to natural recovery.  Gained CDEM support as a partner in any proposed operations on the island or in its near vicinity.  Updated details on tourism and communications channels for the Island
  7. Added a note to Site 68 Karewa Island about the close proximity of ships anchorages and the potential relevance of this to spill source investigation
  8. Added a macrons to Māori place names where these are known to be required.  Changed Caretaker to Kaitiaki when in reference to Tangata Whenua
  9. Addition of a new sensitive site to cover the offshore mussel farms off Ōpōtiki (this is awaiting information from Whakatōhea Mussels).
  10. Deleted blank space
  1. Noted the revised location of marine charts and addition of full upper North Island chart portfolio in the chart room, level 1, Regional House.
  2. Updated contacts for severe weather forecasts and deleted reference to now defunct Metphone service. 
  3. Updated Secondary Port table with 2020-21 information
  1. Reduced number of plan hard copies required for interested parties (more will be sent as electronic versions only)
  1. Updated the Glossary as appropriate

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