Proposed Plan Change 9 withdrawn

24 February 2020

Pursuant to Clause 8D of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, as resolved on 18 February 2020, hereby gives notice that it has resolved to withdraw Proposed Plan Change 9 Region-Wide Water Quantity to the Operative Regional Natural Resources Plan.

The proposed plan change being withdrawn relates to region-wide water quantity. Proposed Plan Change 9 (PPC9) was the first step in a two-stage approach to improving rules for water quality and quantity management in the Bay of Plenty. It was designed as an interim measure that would ‘hold the line’ on water quantity management.

The reasons to withdraw PPC9 are as follows:

  • Fundamental differences of opinion remain on key issues which are unlikely to be resolved without proceeding to court.
  • Resolution of outstanding appeals is unlikely to occur until after the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management is gazetted and implementation underway.
  • Continuing to pursue the resolution of the appeals would therefore be an inefficient use of resources, given new national direction on fresh water is imminent.
  • Future processes and associated plan change(s) following the gazettal of the NPS-FM will enable better integration of water quality and water quantity and provide greater clarity in relation to Te Mana o Te Wai, which has been a key issue in the appeals.
  • Withdrawing PPC9 will not create a planning vacuum, consents will continue to be processed under the operative plan having regard to the current NPS-FM. Enquiries on this matter can be made to Glenys Kroon, Senior Policy Analyst, BOPRC on 0800 884 881 extension 8324 or via email

Fiona McTavish
Chief Executive

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