05 February 2021

Joint Statement: Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Tauranga City Council

Resource consents for the development of a new jet fuel storage facility in Mount Maunganui have been declined.

The decision under the Resource Management Act in relation to the Timaru Oil Services Limited application was released yesterday. (subs February 4)

It confirmed that resource consent was declined for several reasons, including the determination that the amenity and cultural effects associated with the proposed tanks were not acceptable.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Consents Manager, Reuben Fraser says this decision demonstrates the importance of the local community around Whareroa Marae being able to participate in this resource consent process.

“The independent commissioner heard the community’s concerns.”

Mr Fraser says this consent is one of many things going on in the Mount Industrial area.

“A key challenge is that the industrial area borders the Whareroa Marae and Mount residential area, which we know has become of increasing concern to the community. 
 This complex situation has been generations in the making, with many stakeholders involved. Regional Council is committed to addressing the issues here and is proactively working with Tauranga City Council, businesses, and the community” said Mr Fraser.

Tauranga City Council Regulatory and Compliance General Manager, Barbara Dempsey says, “given the cultural significance of the area and potential impact of the tanks, we support the decision made by the commissioner. ”

Background on this resource consent: 

Timaru Oil Services applied to both Tauranga City Council and Bay of Plenty Regional Council in August 2020 for multiple resource consents associated with installation and use of four above ground fuel storage tanks and associated infrastructure at 216 Totara Street, Tauranga.

As part of processing the applications, the two councils jointly did a limited notification of the application in September 2020. They invited submissions from potentially impacted parties, Ngai Te Rangi, Ngati Kuku, Ngai Tukairangi and the Whareroa Marae which is adjacent to the proposed site.  Four submissions were received in opposition, with submitters wishing to speak at a hearing.

The hearing was heard by Independent Commissioner Gina Sweetman, under authority delegated by the Regional Council and TCC on 3rd December 2020 at Trustpower Bay Park, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga.  Submitters presented evidence to the commissioner on the negative cultural, amenity, environmental and wellbeing impacts the development would have on their community.

Tauranga City Council and Regional Council have not received any notices of appeal yet, however there is a 15 working day timeframe from the decision’s release for appeals to be lodged.

To view the decision, please visit www.boprc.govt.nz/consentdecisions

Resource consents help sustainably manage and protect our natural environment and resources.  For more information, please visit: www.boprc.govt.nz/environment/resource-consents and www.tauranga.govt.nz/living/planning/resource-consents


For further media information, please contact media@boprc.govt.nz and communications@tauranga.govt.nz