12 April 2021

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana is investigating reports PFAS compounds have been recorded in groundwater near Taiaho Place in the Mount Maunganui Industrial Area.

Regional Council was made aware of this following receipt of a consent application where PFAS was identified as part of the supporting contaminated land assessment.

Further sampling is now being undertaken to establish the extent of the contamination and whether or not it has impacted the surrounding environment.

Tauranga City Council has confirmed there is no risk to the Mount Maunganui drinking water supply and is also supporting this investigation so it can be completed as quickly as possible.

Regional Council expects it will take four weeks to get initial investigation results and will continue to work closely with Whareroa community and keep residents informed of progress.

General Manager of Regulatory Services Sarah Omundsen says this is part of a complex situation within the Mount Maunganui Industrial Area which has been decades in the making.

Regional Council is acting quickly to gain a full picture while seeking advice from Toi Te Ora Public Health, working with Tauranga City Council and keeping the Whareroa community up to date.


For more information on PFAS go here.

For further media information, please email media@boprc.govt.nz