June 2020 media releases

Local business partnership enables spill scenario training

30 June - A training exercise simulating a chemical spill in Rotorua’s Utuhina Stream has allowed Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s incident response team and staff from McAlpines Rotorua Limited to test their skills and ensure everyone is equipped to protect the environment.

Change of season reminder to review stopbank grazing

18 June - With the change of season, Bay of Plenty Regional Council is again reminding rural landowners of the requirements to protect the region’s stopbanks from the effects of stock and overgrazing.

River level relief for Bay of Plenty

16 June - Recent rain and cooler temperatures have eased immediate concerns about Bay of Plenty’s low stream flow levels, but Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff are warning water users to plan ahead now for next summer.

Kia Kaha Whakatane projects stimulate employment and training

15 June - Whakatāne District Council has been successful in securing $8.229M to undertake a range of projects aimed at creating the equivalent of 130 full-time jobs in the next six months.

New bus timetables reflect community feedback

9 June - Weekend services for Te Puke, new bus routes and a change in bus-stops to help the visually impaired are just some of the changes to the new Tauranga bus timetable.

Regional Council funding boosts community groups

4 June - Three community groups have received financial boosts following Bay of Plenty Regional Council Annual Plan deliberations.