12 February 2020

Rotorua’s long, dry summer has seen lake levels in the region drop, with Bay of Plenty Regional Council closely monitoring the situation, particularly on Rotorua and Rotoiti.

The low lake levels can impact navigation and access to some jetties, with Lake Rotoiti now sitting just below the consented minimum level. Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Survey Team Leader, Graeme O’Rourke, said the levels are being closely watched.

“We have been reducing the amount of water going through the Okere Gates, and if the levels continue to fall, the gates may need to be closed further. “It is not as simple as closing the Okere Gates and waiting for the lake levels to rise. The Gates are carefully controlled under very strict consent conditions and they are currently operating near their minimum flow.

“Until we have a significant amount of rain, the lake levels will remain low and Council will continue to monitor the situation,” Mr O’Rourke said.