26 January 2018

Following some preparation over the Christmas break, removal and demolition works are now well underway College Road in Edgecumbe.

The twelve properties and part-properties in the section of College Road will make way for the stopbank rebuild following the breach of the Rangitāiki River in April last year.

Shane Moore Services (SMS) Ltd have been contracted to complete the works and several other contractors have been on site for specialist activities such as asbestos removal.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Project Manager, Peter Hay, said that the contractors had made good progress in the first couple of weeks of the year.

“The demolition and removal works are well underway and we are making good progress on works. Asbestos has been removed from all the houses and the first couple of houses have been completely stripped and relocated off-site.

“The contractors are also taking all possible care to clean, sort and recycle whatever materials they are able to – bricks, timber, metals and so on. It is important to us so that we know much of the material can be reused, but also reduces the amount sent to landfill,” Mr Hay said.

One of the next key milestones will be appointing a contractor for the stopbank re-build works. The contract was issued in early January and tenders close in the first week of February. The slight delay in issuing the design was to accommodate recommendations made in the Rangitiaki River Scheme Review (the Cullen Report).

“Many members of the Edgecumbe community are keeping up to date and engaged with us through the rebuild process and I appreciate their ongoing support and input. I have had a number of comments that people are really glad to finally see movement on the site and it has felt like a lengthy process for many people. I think it is a significant step for the whole community,” Mr Hay said.


Further information

  • On 6 April during ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie, there was a breach in the floodwall at college road in Edgecumbe causing the destruction of 15 homes and extensive damage to a further 250.
  • A temporary stopbank was installed along College Road to close the initial breach. The 12 properties and part properties have been purchased to make way for the land needed for the permanent stopbank rebuild. The properties were all purchased and signed over to Council in October 2017 and there was a small blessing on the site.
  • Regional Council is working closely with the community on the rebuild and there are two community-representatives that sit with the team to work on initial designs.
  • Pieces of wall that breached have been kept onsite until those most impacted by the floods have had the opportunity to consider what they’d like to do with them.
  • Locals and those that use College Road as a through-route are reminded that machinery and trucks are operating on around the site and they should keep clear of the fenced off areas.
  • Images inside the fenced-off area are available on request.