08 March 2017

For the Bay of Plenty Regional Councils Kerry Gosling ‘walking the walk’ is as important as ‘talking the talk’.

The community engagement manager travels regularly around the Bay of Plenty talking with communities about environmental sustainability , so its important for her to be doing what she can to protect our natural environment. 

Nearly two years ago Kerry’s employer the Bay of Plenty Regional Council purchased a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle), a move that Kerry says has had so many benefits.

“Not only do I feel relieved that I am contributing to a sustainable environment by driving around in a low emission vehicle, but that my organisation is also looking at other options to help staff reduce their environmental footprint, with electric bikes purchased for use around town,” says Kerry.

Kerry says charging the PHEV vehicle is easy – you simply plug it in. There are a number of stations located across the region, with a couple of these charging stations funded by her employer, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council through their Bay of Connections collaborative group.

“Instead of paying $2 for a litre of petrol, charging my work vehicle equates to paying around 30 cents a litre of petrol, I don’t think I have paid for fuel at that price for decades,” says Kerry.

The Regional Council’s chair, Doug Leeder says sustainable solutions is the future of transport and they are doing as much as they can to support the Government’s plans to double the number of electric vehicles every year to 64,000 by 2021 and in building widespread awareness of electric vehicle benefits and options.

“Organisations like ours have staff like Kerry who due to the nature of their work are required to travel regularly, we are testing electric vehicle use and determining the financial viability of expanding our fleet and providing electric bikes to build an awareness amongst our staff and the wider public about the benefits of these low emission travel solutions,” he says.