07 April 2017

Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster Peter Buell has established a temporary No Wake Zone for Okawa Bay on Lake Rotoiti from now until 8am Monday. This measure was taken because of the high water level on the lake and will help ensure waves do not impact homes along the lake edge.

“A No Wake Zone means that boats, jets skis or any other motor powered vessel cannot travel at speeds in this area which create a wake. Because there are a number of properties exposed to the high water levels we hope this will reduce the risk of water being washed further onto their properties,” said Mr Buell.

Levels in Lake Rotorua and Rotoiti are decreasing. The Okere Gates have been fully open for two weeks and remain open today.

A number of regional council staff members are involved in the response to the weather Cyclone Debbie brought to the region. The regional council has put rock armouring and toe loading in several at-risk areas and these have now stabilised. River and stop bank inspections by council staff continue.

Most Eastern Bay rivers have returned to below warning levels and the Rangitāiki is receding. Floodwaters continue to come through the breach on College Road in Edgecumbe and this is forecast to continue until Saturday. Regional council flood manager Peter Blackwood says as waters lower the council will be able to better assess the breach.

“We may be able to fill the gap as a temporary measure late this afternoon,” he says.