12 September 2016

The Bay of Plenty’s natural resources are vital to how its people live and the council continuously strives to protect and maintain its unique environments. Its work is guided by five community outcomes; resilience and safety is one of these.

In addition to helping communities prepare for emergencies, the regional council works towards this outcome by providing flood forecasting, management and protection and drainage schemes across the Bay of Plenty. This work includes managing five major river and drainage schemes and 37 minor river and drainage schemes, maintaining 352km of stop banks to protect towns and rural land, managing 491km of canals and drains and monitoring 48 catchments for flood risk in collaboration with seven city and district councils.

Over the past year the council has consolidated emergency management functions into the Bay of Plenty Emergency Management Group, partnering with city and district councils to better prepare and respond to emergencies. It is also planning to provide a dedicated group emergency management centre to improve community resilience and safety when emergencies happen.

The regional council will spend 16 percent of its $108.8m annual budget on ensuring Bay of Plenty communities are prepared for natural hazards and flooding, thereby improving and maintaining safety.

The 2016/17 annual plan details what activities the council will undertake and how they will be paid for.  The expenditure required to deliver these outcomes in 2016/17 is $1.3m lower than what was proposed under the council’s Long Term Plan. Funding will come from a mix of council investments and reserve funds, central government and rates.