27 June 2016

Rotorua Cityride today welcomed three additional buses to their service which will ensure service timetables are met.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council public transport sub-committee chair Lyall Thurston, says the three buses were identified as the ideal improvement solution to help meet scheduled service times.

“We have worked hard with Rotorua Lakes Council, Focus Group Users, the bus operator Reesby Buses Ltd and the NZ Transport Agency to identify changes that will have the least effect on bus users, but will achieve a reliable service.”

Reesby Buses Limited supervisor, Duncan Wiggins says bus drivers are pleased more buses will be added to help meet bus timetables.

“They are excited as they know this will improve recovery time between trips so they have sufficient time to complete a route run, before the next scheduled trip.”

Mr Wiggins says bus users will start to see improvements straight away.

“We hope more people will take the opportunity to try our improved Cityride services.”

Some minor changes will also occur to route 1 Ngongotaha and route 10 Airport, which will provide additional improvements on these two routes, says Councillor Thurston.

Route 1 Ngongotaha will service Western Road hourly - every second trip; instead of every trip. Route 10 Airport, will travel to the Airport hourly - every second trip, with the bus turning right from Lee Road onto State Highway 30 Te Ngae Road and back into the city.

Saturday services will be unaffected and continue to operate half hourly.

The extra buses will be funded from the current budget and from making minor changes to services and are supported by the majority of bus users surveyed recently, says Councillor Thurston.

“To ensure improvements to the service occur now, we are using a temporary fleet of buses until our permanent buses arrives from the UK, which will be here by summer.

We are continuously looking at ways to improve our public transport system to reflect changes in demand and need, and to reduce the number of private motor vehicles on our roads.”

Councillor Thurston says Regional Council’s public service funding extends to people within the community where taking the bus is not a viable option.

“We also fund other services to cater for the needs of the entire community such as Total Mobility Scheme, a subsidised taxi service for those who have an impairment that prevents them from using our buses.

“Our aim is to ensure that Rotorua enjoys the best possible public transport service and we are working collaboratively alongside Rotorua Lakes Council to improve the customer experience.”

Infrastructure such as bus shelters and bus stop locations, for instance, make up an important component of the experience and if people would like to comment on bus shelters or location of bus stops they should be directed to the Rotorua Lakes Council.

To find out more about the minor changes to the Cityride bus service go to www.baybus.co.nz or call 0800 4 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287).

More information:

Total Mobility for more information about who can access this service, please go to www.transport.govt.nz/land/the-total-mobility-scheme/

Lyall Thurston and Duncan Wiggins Lyall Thurston and Duncan Wiggins by bus