19 July 2016

Those interested in how the ‘rules of the road at sea’ are set recently had the opportunity to have their say. Submissions for the proposed Navigation Safety Bylaw closed on Thursday 7 July and in total 217 submissions were received. Hearings will start later this month.  

Regional Council is required to review its Navigation Safety Bylaw every five years. This helps to ensure that it reflects current community issues, attitudes and changing legislation and that the increasing number of boats and activities on the water can co-exist safely. The two areas of the proposed Bylaw that received the most submissions are Hunters Creek and the proposed Panepane ski areas, and rules for navigation around large ships.

Those who indicated they wish to be heard will now have a chance to speak to their submission when independent commissioners meet later this month. To read a summary of the submissions or to find out when and where the hearings are being held check out www.boprc.govt.nz/navbylaw