06 January 2017

The Bryans Beach community group is seeking volunteers for its upcoming clean-up day at the Waiōtahe estuary.

It needs 25 people to help collect rubbish along the high-tide mark on Sunday, January 8. The day starts at 9.30am.

The initiative continues the first estuary clean up the group organised in 2014 as part of its efforts to keep the area beautiful. Volunteers are advised to wear old clothes and bring gumboots and gloves.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council will provide a barbeque lunch once the clean-up work is finished. If you’re interested in helping out please phone Judy Lewis on (07) 315 4686.

The Bryans Beach community group started in 2007 with six committee members representing about 80 households in the Bryans Beach area. It takes on any project affecting the community, from installing speed bumps along the beach front to weed eradication, largely targeting gorse and pampas on stop banks, river edges and beach and back dune areas, and planting native trees.

Its members have installed a series of predator traps and bait stations to help boost bird populations. They have placed 80 DOC traps from Ohiwa Harbour to the Waiōtahe spit across from the pipi beds, and approximately 45 bait stations. As a result the number of shore and estuarine birds in the area has increased significantly. Many hours are also spent monitoring the NZ dotterel and variable oyster-catcher nests to help the chicks survive.  Rat and mustelid numbers have dramatically decreased.

The group has also been involved with a trial to try and reduce rabbit numbers in the area to help with restoration planting and the regeneration of the coastal dune network.

Bryans Beach is on Ōhiwa Beach Rd, on the edge of Ōhiwa Harbour.