Our land management expert Tim blogs about our region and environment covering topics that range from dune planting to pest management in the Bay of Plenty.

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02 July 2018
Rangitāiki River tributaries getting a makeover
Children from Galatea School bought their teachers, parents and grandparents along to their annual planting day on the banks of the Horomanga River which flows into the Rangitaiki. 
04 June 2018
Come and help reforest our dunes
In the years since, some 14,000 native plants have been planted by a small army of volunteers to try to restore the dunes along the trail to something like their former glory. 
01 May 2018
Support for beef and lamb farmers
Farmers need to try to reduce the level of nutrients and bacterial contaminants entering waterways on their properties and to improve their environmental footprint more generally.
05 March 2018
A drain transformed
Having secured a grant form Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Shane and Marli contracted a digger driver and set about creating a meandering stream with ponds and wetlands.
01 March 2018
Seaweek 2018
Hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education, Seaweek focuses on learning from the sea. It’s a time for all of us to get to know our ocean, its habitats, characteristics and inhabitants better.
04 February 2018
An extra home for bittern
Bittern lives around the margins of Ōhiwa Harbour and occasionally there are reports of birds elsewhere. Recently another one was spotted on the Rangitāiki Plains.
14 November 2017
Making the most of your soil
Soil type and the effect of management on the condition of the soil are important determinants of productive performance and have profound effects on long term profits.
05 November 2017
Wasps getting busy
If you see a wasp and are able to kill it, you may prevent the building of a nest containing thousands of wasps later on in the summer.
03 October 2017
Help us solve ongoing rook mystery
If you see a rook, please report the pest bird to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council right away.
04 September 2017
What to do with stink bugs
Stink bugs have a significant impact on fruit and vegetables of all sorts, including those in home gardens, from fruit trees to sweetcorn and roses.