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Total Mobility Vouchers

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme designed to help eligible people with disabilities to use appropriate transport to allow them to participate in the community.

Where do I get vouchers from?

You can get voucher books from your accredited disability support agency. Each agency should have a contact person who can give voucher books to their members or clients as needed. The agency can get supplies of vouchers from Mary McLaren at Bay of Plenty Regional Council's office at any time during working hours.

How do I use the vouchers?

You need a voucher to get the Total Mobility discount. Each voucher must be filled out correctly. Record details of the taxi journey, the cost of the fare and the discount.
The general rule is: one trip, one voucher.

A return trip in the same taxi (a trip from origin to destination and back to the point of origin) is counted as two trips. This rule can be waived in certain circumstances, but only by prior arrangement with Bay of Plenty Regional Council. When two or more people with disabilities share the same taxi, only one voucher should be used for the trip.

Who fills in the vouchers?

The date, details of the trip the user plans to make and number of passengers should be filled out while waiting for the taxi. The origin and destination of the journey should be fairly specific: a street address (364 Fraser St, 153 Rogers Rd, etc) or a well-known landmark (Bayfair, Polytech, Pak 'n' Save, Hospital, etc.).

At the end of the journey fill out the fare and discount amounts, sign the voucher and hand it over to the taxi driver. The driver will fill in their cab numbers, name and taxi company. He/she will say which fare tariff applies for that trip. There's no reason why a user's family, friends, caregivers etc (able-bodied or not) can't share the taxi with them, but the person using the voucher must be in the vehicle for the entire journey. If a user has any difficulty in filling out the voucher, or their disability makes it difficult for them to write or sign their name, the taxi driver will be pleased to help.

When can I use the vouchers?

The restrictions on the use of the scheme are as follows:

  • Vouchers can't be used for inter-regional travel, such as for journeys from the Bay of Plenty to another region.
  • Vouchers can't be used in the course of your employment. However they can be used to get to and from work.
  • Vouchers can't be used where transport-related financial assistance is available from another official source.
  • The maximum discount payable for a single journey has been increased from $20 to $25, 50 percent of a $50 fare from 1 August 2013.
  • Other than the need to comply with the above restrictions, vouchers can be used on any taxi journey, at any time. There is no other restriction on the purpose of any individual trip taken under the scheme, the frequency of use or the distance travelled.

Under special circumstances, and with the prior approval of Bay of Plenty Regional Council, the restrictions on the use of the scheme for inter-regional travel and the maximum discount available for a single journey, may be waived.

Where suitable arrangements have been made with other regional councils, the use of local vouchers in other towns and cities throughout the country, is allowed. Check with Bay of Plenty Regional Council before you go.

I still have questions. Where can I get more information?

For more information about the Total Mobility scheme, contact us on the details below.