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Total Mobility Taxis

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme designed to help eligible people with disabilities use appropriate transport to allow them to particpate in the community.

Are the taxi drivers trained to help people with disabilities?

It is generally accepted that driver training is needed to make sure that a good quality service is maintained and that taxi operators are conscious of and responsive to the difficulties that people with disabilities face.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has a DVD training resource made by NZ Transport Agency for people involved in transporting passengers with disabilities.

If the user isn't satisfied with the service given by the taxi company, they should contact the taxi company first. Otherwise they can call the Total Mobility Coordinator on 0800 884 880.

What happens if the rules are broken?

It's important that all parties involved in the Total Mobility scheme are seen to be following the policies and rules of the scheme. Any user or taxi company who doesn't, runs the risk of not being able to be part of the scheme.

Why is it important to fill out the vouchers completely and correctly?

Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff check all vouchers when they are presented for payment, carry out random audits on their use, and query anything unusual. We won't refund discounts on any vouchers that haven't been filled out completely or correctly. Any vouchers for trips that don't follow the rules of the scheme won't be refunded either.

Which taxis can be used?


Tauranga Taxis - phone 07 578 6086 *
NZ Cabs - phone 07 577 0304 *
Kuber Taxis 07 218 1718


Rotorua Taxi Society Ltd. - phone 0800 500 000 *
Taxi Cabs Rotorua 07 347 9797 *

Eastern Bay of Plenty

Dial A Cab - phone 07 308 0222 *
* Taxis fitted with wheelchair hoists are available in Whakatane, Tauranga and Rotorua.

I still have questions, where can I get more information?

For more information about the Total Mobility scheme, contact us - details below.