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Floating Wetland resource

Floating wetlands are considered a viable option to improve water quality in Rotorua lakes. This resource has been developed to assist schools interested in establishing and maintaining a floating wetland. It can also be used by other community groups.

For schools, the resource helps teachers:

  • Increase student awareness and knowledge of floating wetlands.
  • Increase student awareness of the role they can play improving water quality and ecosystems in Rotorua lakes.
  • Facilitate positive changes to water quality in our lakes and waterways.

This resource is intended to provide more options and information about floating wetlands and the ecosystems that they support. The resource is a multi-curriculum, inquiry learning resource. It uses decision-making, community consultation and freshwater research as well as monitoring techniques to inspire students into action, and can be easily adapted to all levels. 

Floating Wetlands Introduction (pdf, 451KB)
Te Kitenga Kukuwai (pdf, 1.84MB)

Learning stage 1
Floating wetlands – what do we know? (pdf, 3MB)

Learning stage 2
Floating wetlands – what can we learn? (pdf, 5.65MB)

Learning stage 3
Exploring a floating wetland hands-on! Field trips (pdf, 2.80MB) 

Learning stage 4
Take action – making our own floating wetland (pdf, 825KB)

Learning stage 5
Reflect – monitoring and reporting progress (pdf, 300KB)

Glossary (pdf, 165KB)