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Recognising Bronze, Silver and Green-Gold Enviroschools

Enviroschools is part of a growing community of schools, ECE centres and kura kaupapa in New Zealand and internationally who want to make a difference to our environment.

What are Bronze, Silver and Green-Gold Enviroschools  about? 

The Enviroschools programme includes a reflection process that recognises active Enviroschools' progress towards their sustainability goals.The process is designed to encourage schools to reflect on their journey towards sustainability, celebrate success and identify areas for future growth or development.

The reflection involves the whole school or ECE centre - students, teachers, non-teaching staff, board of trustees and members of the local community - parents, local councils and businesses.

Participation in a structured Enviroschools Reflection as a Bronze, Silver or Green-Gold Enviroschool is optional and the reflection process can begin at any time of the year. This is one way of recognising schools that are striving to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and share these practices with the wider community.

What is the purpose?

To encourage schools and ECE centres towards becoming a sustainable community incorporating best environmental practices that will carry over into home/everyday life such as; conserving energy, improving air and water quality, protecting and enhancing our biodiversity (plants, animals, ecosystems), reducing our car trips or reducing waste.

What does the reflection offer your school?

An opportunity to engage students in group decision making and analysis of long term sustainability initiatives, reflect on the changes made within their school and identify opportunities for the future.

Reflecting at different stages

There are three levels or stages of recognition of  a school or ECE centre's progression towards becoming more sustainable:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Green-Gold

Typically there are 2-3 years between each structured reflection to allow new practices to become embedded and existing practices to deepen. This system of recognition was previously known as "Enviroschools Awards". Enviroschools has moved away from this terminology as the process is about self reflection rather than winning. Each Enviroschool develops a vision for a sustainable future that meets the needs of their community, so their reflection relates to the goals they have set themselves.

Creating a sustainable environment

Environmental education is much more than the core curriculum.  It is about how we facilitate learning.  It is about what we do to look after our physical environment, how we try to reduce our impact on the environment and how we interact with each other - education for the environment. Enviroschools compliments the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) and the Guidelines for Environmental Education in New Zealand Schools (1999).

Where to start

Full details on the reflection process is in the orange section of the Enviroschools kit. Enviroschools eager to reflect  should contact their local facilitator or the Regional Council on the contact details below. Schools should allow at least one full term to gather evidence, reflect on their progress and plan for the participation of students, staff and community in the reflection process.