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Become an Enviroschool

If you are interested in joining the programme, check out Introduction to Enviroschools (PDF, 691kb) . This is a good document to share with staff, students,  parents and management. Take a look at some of our newsletters,  Enviroschools website and to learn more about the  programme.

Here are some next steps you can take if Enviroschools sounds like a good fit for your school.

Step 1

Meet with an Enviroschools facilitator. Find out what it means to be an Enviroschool and how the programme can be implemented into school life. Hear about the Bay of Plenty Enviroschools we already have.

Step 2

Talk to your staff and Board of Trustees

Step 3

Request an application form and submit it.

Step 4

If accepted, your school signs an agreement with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Enviroschools Foundation committing to the programme for three years.

Step 5

Lead teachers are appointed in the school who help coordinate all of staff meetings with the facilitator. The school receives a wide range of student-centred Enviroschools resources including the Enviroschools Kit, DVD, scrapbooks and handbook.