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Imagine a generation of innovative and motivated young people, who instinctively think and act sustainably. It is a vision that is already becoming a reality for some schools through involvement in the Enviroschools programme.

Enviroschools a whole school approach to environmental education. With support from the school community, students plan, design and take action to create a sustainable school environment.

Find out about how to become an enviroschool or recognising bronze, silver and green-gold Enviroschools.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council supports the Enviroschools Programme by providing facilitators and coordination of Enviroschools events.

What is an Enviroschool?

The Enviroschools Programme integrates environmental education into the whole of school life, creating learning opportunities by working towards a healthy, peaceful and sustainable environment.

The Enviroschools programme aims to equip young people with the competencies they need to be leaders in sustainability. We see a world where students are actively engaged in environmental change that has significant effects on the school, community, nation and planet. We see young people with a holistic sense of the environment, and the ability to confront and challenge the barriers to a sustainable future. Students develop skills, understanding, knowledge and confidence through planning, designing and creating a sustainable school. Action projects, undertaken by enviroschools, have both environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and the wider community.

For more information about Enviroschools, please visit the Enviroschools website