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Have Your Say Korero Mai

We can all play a part in our region's success. We're keen to learn about what's important to you. Have your say on proposals that are open for public input or consultation.

Open for public input


What's it about?



Representation Review

Every six years the Regional Council is required to review its representation arrangements.  The last review was held in 2012.  This includes the number of constituencies, their boundaries and the number of councillors.  The Council is proposing no change to the current arrangements.

Submissions close 30 June 2018


Proposed Change 4 (Tauriko West Urban Limit) to the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement

The proposed change seeks to amend the urban limit line to enable the delivery of urban development at Tauriko West. The proposed change has been prepared in accordance with direction from the Minister for the Environment using a Streamlined Planning Process. The Minister’s Direction was gazetted on 28 February 2018.

Submissions close Wednesday 4 July 2018


Proposed Plan Change 17
(Awatarariki Fanhead) to the Regional Natural Resources Plan

This change, requested by Whakatāne District Council, proposes a rule to extinguish existing residential rights in the high risk debris flow fanhead area of Awatarariki at Matata.

Publicly notified 19 June 2018.

Submissions close at 4pm on 17 September 2018.


Proposed Plan Change 13 (Air Quality) to the Regional Natural Resources Plan


The Regional Air Plan provides for the control of discharges of contaminants into air for the Bay of Plenty region. Proposed Plan Change 13 will replace the current Regional Air Plan.

Public notification will be 27 February 2018. Submissions will be sought. Submissions close 4 pm 12 April 2018


Long Term Plan 2018-2028

Every three years we review our Long Term Plan. This is our chance to step back and look at what is going on in our region and what our challenges and opportunities are. As part of developing our Long Term Plan, we review what has changed since we prepared our last Long Term Plan and we check whether our vision for the community is still relevant, or if we need to adjust our focus and our effort based on events at a local, national and international level.

Through this consultation, we are asking you, the community, to have your say about where we want to be in 10 years and the choices we need to make to get there, including how we are going to fund that work.

Over 235 submissions were recieved on our Consultation Document, with more than 70 submitters speaking to their submission points at the hearings. We are now approaching the deliberations period of 22-24 May where Council will consider all information recieved.



Kaituna, he taonga tuku iho – a treasure gifted to us is the proposed Kaituna River Document


The Kaituna River Document is a co-governance document prepared by Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority, which is the co-governance entity of iwi and councils.  The document’s purpose is to restore, protect and enhance the Kaituna River and its tributaries.  Once approved, it will shape the river’s future well-being and influence regional and district planning documents. 

Hearings were held on 11 and 15 August 2017. The Hearing Panel are considering submissions and working on their decisions.



The final document will be released mid 2018.

Click here for more information 


Proposed Plan Change 9 to the Regional Water and Land Plan


Is looking to improve how we manage the allocation of water in the region and ensure it is being used efficiently.


Deliberations are now underway and it is anticipated that the independent hearings panel recommendations will be presented to Councillors on 9 August 2018.

Forty submitters were heard at the hearings which were held from 14 to 16 March 2018.