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Te Hāpai Ora – Regional Community Outcomes Fund

Another way the Regional Council supports local activities and projects is through sponsorship. Council will consider applications for sponsorship and assess each application against a few criteria.

You will need to:

  • have a credible track record of completing activities; and
  • reside within the Bay of Plenty.

The activity will need to:

No application will receive more than $2000 for any single activity and no applicant will receive more than $2500 in one financial year.

Fund information (143KB, pdf)

Online application form

Fill out application (4MB, pdf)

Accountability Form (1.2MB, pdf)

Regional Council likes to remain involved and connected to the projects it sponsors so please invite councillors and staff of the Council to participate in the activity where appropriate. Please also make sure you acknowledge Bay of Plenty Regional Council in media statements, advertising and promotion surrounding the sponsored activity.

At the end of the project you will also need to provide a simple evaluation including details of attendance numbers, media coverage, a summary of what happened, how it was promoted, the outcomes and the use of the money of the sponsored event or activity.

Please contact us for more information.