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Recording progress - photo points

Photo points is another name for a photo record. They let us see the changes your project has made and are a great addition to monitoring reports. It's a simple but effective way to see the difference you are making.

To use photo points successfully, you must have a clear idea about what you are recording.

For example you may want to record: 

  • Growth rates
  • Plant health
  • Biodiversity (the range of species expanding)
  • Weed control
  • Natural succession occurring
  • Animal pest effects
  • Native fauna presence

Tips for successful photo points

  • Take photos from the same position and looking the same way each time (hammer a stake into the ground with a directional tag on it to help you)
  • Take photographs from the same height (the stake can be used to sit the camera on)
  • Use the same camera and/or lens
  • Think ahead! Remember that future plant growth may block your view - choose a photo-point site with height or distance from what you are documenting
  • Take photographs at regular intervals (monthly, yearly etc)