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Promoting your project and using our logo

The media is a wonderful resource for community groups. Community newspapers, in particular, are often keen to publish "good news" stories about local projects involving local people. Radio stations sometimes offer community noticeboards that publicise up-and-coming events. So it's great if you can develop a friendly working relationship with your local newspaper or radio station.

It's important to acknowledge the Environmental Enhancement Fund in these stories. It's not only a courtesy to do so - it also publicises the fund so others can learn about it.

Why seek publicity?

  • It celebrates what you're doing and gives your community a chance to celebrate with you.
  • It encourages others to actively care for their environment.
  • It tells people about the Environmental Enhancement Fund so they can learn about it too.
  • It gives you a well-deserved pat on the back!

What makes a news story?

It might be a milestone, such as your project's launch or completion or an exciting event like a planting day, a dignitary's visit or an award. There may also be interesting stories about people.

Find a strong angle or "hook" and the media is more likely to publish your story.

Other tips

  • Tell the media early as they're busy people.
  • Find out their deadlines so you don't call at a hectic time.
  • Select a spokesperson.
  • Prepare for the interview by writing down a few main points.
  • Official presentations are not great news so set up a photo opportunity instead.
  • Or take your own, remembering that the best photographs have action in them, such as people planting.
  • Keep it exclusive. Newspapers don't like seeing the same story published in a rival newspaper, with nearly the same angle and photograph.
  • Tell us too, as Bay of Plenty Regional Council sends out media releases to both local and national media and publishes its own community newspaper.

Using the logo

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council logo must be used on any interpretation panels, signs, pamphlets, education resources or other materials developed with assistance from the Environmental Enhancement Fund.

Using the logo helps lift the profile of the fund, and recognises Bay of Plenty Regional Council support and helps people learn about what Bay of Plenty Regional Council is involved in.

Contact the Environmental Enhancement Fund officer for more information on the correct use of the logo.

There are certain guidelines that must be followed whenever you use the logo. For more information please read the logo standards below: