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Occupational Safety and Health

The safety of your project's workers is an important part of your environment enhancement fund responsibilities.

You could have many different people working with you, including contractors, consultants, Department of Conservation staff, Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff or volunteers from your community. Taking the time to ensure you have a safe working environment is vital.

Email if you require information about:

  • Using powered hand tools?
  • Using hand tools?
  • Applying herbicides?
  • Doing pest animal control?

Your Responsibilities

Look after your group and others by:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment.  Assess the site for potential risks/hazards.
  • Ensuring all equipment is safe and well maintained.
  • Ensuring your group is not exposed to unmanaged or uncontrolled hazards.
  • Ensure that your group is made aware of the hazards in their work area and are trained to perform their duties in a safe manner.
  • Encourage your group to take an interest in health and safety.

Volunteer/Worker Responsibilities.

Every worker shall take all practical steps to ensure:

  • Their own safety at all times.
  • They contribute to hazard identification and management.
  • They report injuries promptly.
  • That no action or inaction by them causes harm to any other person(s).

Think about...

Safety Equipment - Do your workers have the protection they need to do the job safely?

Good Housekeeping - Is the site tidy and are potential hazards controlled?

Material Handling - Ensure that your team know how to lift and carry loads safely.

Training - Does your team have the right skills for the job? Do they know how to handle tools safely? Are they certified?

Chemical Use - Who is handling the chemicals? Are they certified? Do they have protective equipment?  Are they aware of the importance of washing their hands after use?

Working Alone in Safety - Will any of your team be working alone?  Is this appropriate?  Make sure that someone is informed on where they will be working, what they will be doing and when they are likely to return.

Driving - What machinery will you be using? Who will be handling the vehicles and are they licensed?

Skin Cancer - Will your project take place outside? Will you be using volunteers - particularly children?  Are they protected?

Smoking - Is it safe for others to smoke onsite?  Who will it affect?

First Aid - Does anyone in your team hold a First Aid Certificate? Have you got an up to date First Aid kit onsite?  What will you do if an accident happens? Is your team aware of the accident/emergency procedures? How will you contact emergency services?

Safety of the Public - Is your site open to the public? Is it left in a safe way? Are there appropriate warning signs visible?

For more information

For more information about Health and Safety check out the OSH website at

For First Aid tips check out the St John website at