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Project Support


Your funding application has been successful and you are now ready to get to work. As you begin, remember that Bay of Plenty Regional Council is here to help. As a council we have a range of knowledge and experience that you can use. Contact us to get the support and assistance you might need.

Recieving your funding

To ensure you recieve your funding please make sure the following steps are completed:

1. Your contract has been signed and initialled by two representatives from your group or organisation and sent to Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

2. The pre-release conditions stated in the contract have been met.

3. You have contacted your project officer (stated in your contract) to discuss the project, your plan and its implementation.

You can now send a completed Tax Invoice to Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Please note that your invoice cannot be processed without the completed form.

Funding cannot be released if any administration requirements are outstanding.

Managing your project

Useful information for your project:

Email if you require the following forms:

  • Funding Release Form
  • Progress Report Template
  • Example Progress Report
  • Completion Report Template
  • Income and Expenditure Template

All of the Project Support information can also be found in the booklet Working with the EEF.

Click on the link below to download the booklet, or contact us for a copy.

Working with the EEF - helping you to manage your project (1.2 MB, pdf). 

Who to contact

You have two main contacts at Bay of Plenty Regional Council - the Community Engagement EEF Coordinator and your project officer.

Make sure you are familiar with their roles and who is the correct person to contact in different situations.

You should contact the Community Engagement EEF Coordinator if you need information on:

  • contracts
  • funding releases
  • changes to your project plan
  • monitoring report help
  • project promotion and acknowledging the enhancement fund
  • project support

Your project officer should be contacted for help on:

  • pre-project implementation discussion to confirm your project plan and schedule of works
  • technical advice
  • project implementation issues
  • monitoring report help

These people can be contacted at or by phoning us on the contact details below.