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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can our group implement a project if it is on public land or owned by someone else?

To implement a project on public land (or any land not owned by the applicant) you must provide written permission from the landowner with your application.  This includes organisations such as the Department of Conservation or land under Maori ownership.  Remember your project will still need to meet all the fund criteria outlined in this booklet.

How long can my project run for?

Bay of Plenty Regional Council will not normally fund an over $5,000 project of longer than three years in a single funding round.  Whatever the timeframe, you need to clearly show in your project plan what you're going to do over that period and what your outcomes will be.

What happens if I need a resource consent to implement my project?

Bay of Plenty Regional Council prefers any resource consent to be obtained prior to submitting Environmental Enhancement Fund applications.  Bay of Plenty Regional Council will not pay for resource consent applications as part of the project costs.

How many times can I apply for funding for a project?

The primary purpose of the fund is to provide seed funding to get projects underway.  Bay of Plenty Regional Council may fund a project for three consecutive years or three separate one-year periods.

Who is responsible for Health and Safety on the project site?

The recipient of funding is responsible for ensuring all OSH requirements are met either by volunteers or contractors.

When does my project need to start by?

Bay of Plenty Regional Council expects any group funded through the Environmental Enhancement Fund to start their project within 12 months of funding notification.

How much money can I apply for?

As a guideline, a single application should not exceed 10% of the total available funding.

What happens if there are too many projects for the money Bay of Plenty Regional Council  is giving out?

Every year the amount of funding requested has been in excess of the amount available and unfortunately some projects do miss out because of the number of great projects groups want to do.

Can I do a research or scoping project with Environmental Enhancement Funding?

No, the primary purpose of your project must be to promote, enhance or protect directly the Bay of Plenty's environment.

If you have any further questions please email us at or contact us on the details below.