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Assessment process and criteria

Screening Criteria

For your project to be considered for funding, it must meet our screening criteria.

Make sure you have filled out your application correctly before sending it in to us.

We will be looking for projects that meet the following screening criteria:

  • Organisations that operate within the Bay of Plenty;
  • Activity or project that will be carried out within the Bay of Plenty;
  • Groups must agree that Bay of Plenty Regional Council can refer to the project in promotional material;
  • Groups must agree to regularly monitor the project and to report its progress and outcomes to Bay of Plenty Regional Council every 12 months and at completion of the project;
  • Groups must agree to regularly monitor and protect, and to ongoing maintenance of any structures or works created;
  • Projects which are consistent with the purpose of the fund as outlined in the information folder; and
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council must have received the application by the closing date.

If it meets our requirements, we will score it against our assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria

Once you have submitted your application and we are happy that it has satisfied the initial screening criteria, your project will be scored against the following schedule.

Your project plan provides the basis for deciding these scores. It may be worth changing your project plan so it fits the criteria. The highest scores are more likely to receive funding.

Environmental Enhancement    out of 20
How your project will directly promote, enhance or protect the Bay of Plenty's environment with full and free public access.

Community Awareness    out of 10
How your project heightens community knowledge of environmental issues.

Community Participation    out of 10
How your project involves people in the community.

Target Areas    out of 10
How your project contributes to the enhancement of one of the following areas:

  • Water quality and its habitats (enhancing our streams, lakes, harbours and estuaries and the surrounding habitats).
  • Innovative sustainability actions (actions based projects which optimise the use of the natural resources e.g. water, energy).

Innovation    out of 5
Whether your project uses proven methods or trials new methods in environmental management.

First time and previously unsuccessful applicants out of 2
If this is the first time you've applied or have been unsuccessful with a previous application you will receive two points.

Viability    Pass/Fail
The likelihood of the project's success, measured through the project plan and budget.

For more information about the screening and assessment criteria, please contact us on the details below.