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Coast Care - What you can do

No. What can you do Description
1 Look for the signs Signs show you the best and fastest way to the beach.
2 Respect the fences Fences protect dune plants. Keep to your side of the fence to let plants grow.
3 Surf the waves not the dunes Sandboarding on the dunes destroys plants, loosens the sand and causes erosion.
4 Keep motorbikes off the Dunes Important plants and birds live in the dunes. Motorbikes destroy them.
5 Look after the plants Feet do kill plants. Coastal native plants hold the sand together. Dunes build up, protect our land and houses during storms and provide homes for insects, birds and lizards. 
6 Look after the dunes Sandy beaches are great places to have fun. Look after the dunes so that we can keep our fantastic beaches.