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Ohiwa Harbour Strategy

The Refreshed Ohiwa Harbour Strategy (2.7MB, pdf) sets out a vision for Ohiwa Harbour, and is used to guide planning and management. To order a copy of the Ohiwa Harbour Strategy please contact us.

The document is called the "Refreshed Ohiwa Harbour Strategy" as almost all of the actions set out in the original Strategy (from June 2008) have either been completed or are now part of business as usual. So we took the opportunity to refresh the action list while keeping the same vision and objetives. Read the media release about the Refreshed Strategy from March 2016. 

For those that are interested, this is the original Ohiwa Harbour Strategy and action list (673KB, pdf).

Why do we need a strategy for Ohiwa Harbour?

It is very important that activities which occur within the Ohiwa Harbour and catchment are carefully managed to ensure that the quality of the environment of Ohiwa Harbour and catchment is maintained.

What's in the Ohiwa Harbour Strategy?

It identifies issues, key community values and aspirations, and recommends actions on how to take Ohiwa Harbour and its catchment from where it is now, to where people want it to be in the future.