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RMA and Building Act Charges Policy

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) promotes the sustainable management of natural physical resources. It sets out how we should manage our environment and forms the foundation for the majority of our work.

To carry out our work under the RMA, we process resource consents, monitor and manage consented and other authorised activities and monitor the state of the region’s resources. The costs associated with this work are set under section 36 of the RMA and we pass these costs along to applicants and consent holders. These costs are included in our Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy.

This policy also includes charges set under Section 243 of the Building Act 2004 for a limited range of functions relating to dams which we are responsible for.

You can view a copy of the current Policy here:

Resource Management Act and Building Act Charges Policy 2017-18 (1MB, pdf)

Review of Council Charges Policy

This policy gets reviewed every year and is generally adjusted by inflation. This year, to ensure we are being fair to the wider ratepayer, we carried out a more in depth review and it has led to some significant changes. The last time we made significant changes was in 2009.

You can view a summary of these changes in the Statement of Proposal: Proposed Changes to Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Resource Management Act Charges. You can view a full list of the RMA and Building Act charges, including the proposed changes, in the supporting information document.

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