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Proposed Change 3 (Rangitaiki River)

Hearing Committee in deliberations

The Hearing Committee heard submissions to Proposed Change 3 on 12 and 19 June 2017. After listening to the submitters, staff have reviewd their recommendations and prepared a report for the committee. The committee will meet to start their deliberations on Thursday 27 July 2017. 

The supplementary staff recommendations and updated version of Proposed Change 3 are available below:

View the supplementary staff report

View the Hearing documents

View the Summary of Decisions Requested

View the Proposed Change and supporting documents


To obtain copies of these documents, please contact Marie Radford, Planning Coordinator on 0800 884 880 or email .

What is Proposed Change 3 (Rangitaiki River)? 


The proposed change introduces a new Treaty Co-governance chapter into Part 2 of the RPS which will house the Rangitāiki River change and subsequent Treaty Co-governance changes.

A new and separate Treaty Co-Governance compendium document contains the complete Rangitāiki River Document, and future Treaty Co-Governance documents, to provide context for the RPS.

Under the Treaty Claims Settlement Acts, the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement (RPS) must recognise and provide for the vision, objectives and desired outcomes of the River Document. A change to the RPS is therefore required under the Resource Management Act 1991 to complete the process of insertion as required by the statutes.

This change is known as Proposed Change 3 (Rangitaiki River) to the RPS. Community engagement and public consultation is part of this process, particularly with the Rangitaiki River Forum and the wider Rangitaiki River catchment community.

Proposed Change 3 is distinct from other Regional Council projects within the Rangitaiki River catchment, including the Water Quantity Regional Plan Change project and Freshwater Futures project.

What is Te Ara Whanui o Rangitaiki ("The River Document")?

The Rangitaiki River Forum has prepared and approved Te Ara Whānui o Rangitaiki (“The River Document”). This document sets out the vision, objectives and desired outcomes for the Rangitaiki River and its catchment. The River Document was required by the Ngati Whare Treaty Claims Settlement Act 2012 and the Ngati Manawa Treaty Claims Settlement Act 2012.


Key Contact

For more information on Proposed Change 3 (Rangitaiki River) please contact Nassah Steed, Programme Leader Statutory Policy at