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Living with Risk

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A natural disaster (like an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic or flooding event) could happen in the Bay of Plenty at any time. No-one can prevent that, but we can make decisions that will help minimise the damage to lives and livelihoods in the face of a disaster.

Risk is made up of the likelihood that an event will happen and the impact or consequences if it does. Through Resource Management Act processes, land use and associated activities can be managed according to the level of natural hazard risk they're subject to.

In developing the natural hazards policy variation, we've been gathering input from the community about what level of risk they think is acceptable (i.e. doesn't require any development limitations) or tolerable (needs some management), and what level of risk is intolerable (requires limitations on building or development).

What we found out

Between February and April 2014 the Council held sessions with the community to find out what level of risk people wanted their community to be safeguarded from. The information received from the community sessions helped set risk thresholds which is an essential part of the Regional Policy Statement natural hazards provisions.  The Risk Threshold Engagement Report (835KB, pdf) shows what we found out.

Are you prepared?

To find out more about natural hazards in the Bay of Plenty and how you and your family can get prepared, visit