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Regional Pest Management Plan

Council has extended the expiry date of the Regional Pest Management Plan 2011-2016. All parts of this Plan remain operative and until 30 September 2018.

The Plan has been extended pursuant to section 100G of the Biosecurity Act 1993 and section 83(19) Biosecurity Law Reform Act 2012.

Pests are unwanted plants and animals that have significant impacts on our environment, economy and our people.

The Regional Pest Management Plan for the Bay of Plenty 2011 - 2016 sets out what Council is trying to achieve through our efforts to manage pest plants and pest animals in the region. It identifies a set of key outcomes that we wish to see achieved, and some high level objectives and rules that need to be followed to help realise the outcomes.


The next Regional Pest Management Plan

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is beginning to develop the next Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP).


Annual Operational Plans and Reports

Each year we produce an annual operational plan that sets operational targets and specific performance measures that link to the outcomes and objectives in the long-term Regional Pest Management Plan. At the end of the year we report on the highlights and issues from the previous year as well as progress against the specific targets.

Cost-benefit analysis supporting the Plan

For any species or rule to be included in a regional pest management plan, it must meet specific requirements set out in the Biosecurity Act 1993.  The benefit of action must outweigh its cost, taking into account what might happen if no action is taken at all.

A cost-benefit assessment has been completed for the species included in this Plan.