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Plan Change 5 and 6

Proposed Plan Change 5 (Lake Okareka) and 6 (Lake Okaro)

On 17 September 2009, Council's Policy and Planning Committee withdrew Proposed Plan Change 5 - Rule 14 (Lake Okareka) and Proposed Plan Change 6 - Rule 15 (Lake Okaro) to the Bay of Plenty Regional Water and Land Plan in accordance with Schedule 1, Clause 8D of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Bayof Plenty Regional Council received legal advice that both Plan Changes were unworkable in their notified form (problems included: confusing wording, variables around Nutrient Discharge Allowances and there were some fundamental drafting and enforcement issues).

LakeOkareka and Okaro remain regulated under Rule 11 of the Regional Water and Land Plan.

Policy on managing and reducing nutrient discharges (from land use) relating to the lakes of the Rotorua district is being considered in the development of The Next Regional Policy Statement. Workis currently underway.