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Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management - Proposed Plan Change 10 Submissions

List of submitters with addresses

List of submitters in alphabetical order

 Further submissions received 5 July to 1 August 2016


Late Submission

A late submission was accepted following the final submission close-off date of 1 August, 2016 to correct three errors. The first two changes correct typo errors, so no change to what the rules mean. The last change has come after legal advice to ensure a rule cannot be misinterpreted

Why the late submission?

We wanted to ensure:

  • transparency around any changes being made, no matter how insignificant those changes were
  • that the process to finalise these rules would not require the timeframe to be extended.

What does the submission seek to correct?

  What is the change being sought? Why?
Change 1 including the notified date of Plan Change 10 within Rules LR R4, LR R5 and LR R6. The date was omitted from these 3 rules in the final edition, so this is to enable the date to be added back in.
Change 2

an incorrect reference where LR R7(a), LR R8(a), LR R9b)  should be LR R8(a), LR R9(a), LR R10(b) within Schedule LR5 A6. 

The wrong numbers were used so this is to correct them.
Change 3

Rule LRR7 where inconsistencies with other permitted activities within the plan change did not prevent an increase in effective area.

This new submission seeks to add a condition to this rule to (a) make it consistent with the other rules in this plan change and (b) to prevent a potential loophole, where land that is currently in forestry could be converted to sheep and beef farming which would increase the Nitrogen discharge.