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Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management - Proposed Plan Change 10 Section 42A report and evidence filed

The Independent Hearing Panel have directed Council to publically release a Section 42A report on 20 January 2017 together with any evidence that Council wishes to present in support of the Plan Change. In response to these directions, below Section 42A report and supporting evidence have been made available.

Staff Recommendations

The below report contains Council Staff responses to the submissions and further submissions received on Plan Change 10. The Section 42A report provides the responses to key issues raised by submissions, whilst Appendix 3 lists all submission points and the recommended responses. To find your submission within Appendix 3, use the find function (Ctrl+F) and search for either your name or your submission number .

Section 42A report: Proposed Plan Change 10 Lake Rotorua Management

Appendix 2(a) Proposed Plan Change 10: Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management

Appendix 2(b) Proposed Plan Change 10: Lake Rotorua Nutrient Management

Appendix 3: Staff Recommendations on Provisions with Submissions and Further Submissions

Submissions received on PC10

Further submissions received

Council Evidence

The evidence below provides an insight into how Plan Change 10 was developed, and also informs the responses to each submission received as outlined within Council’s Section 42A report.

Economic & Social

Statement of Evidence: Sandra Barns - Economic Analysis and Social Impacts

Statement of Evidence: Nicola Smith - Economic Impacts – district and regional economy

 Statement of Evidence: Professor Graeme Doole - Economic Impacts of Plan Change 10 at the Catchment Level

Statement of Evidence: Lee Matheson - Meeting nutrient loss targets on dairy farms in the Lake Rotorua catchment; Rotorua NDA impact analysis and subsequent update; Methodology for creation of NDA reference files and stocking rate table

Lake Water Quality - Science

Statement of Evidence: Andy Bruere - Overview of Science and Restoration Initiatives

Statement of Evidence: Professor David Hamilton - Lake Rotorua Water Quality 

Statement of Evidence: Dr James Rutherford - Current  Catchment loads – ROTAN

Proposed Plan Change 10 – Background

Statement of Evidence: Stephen Lamb - Planning Context and Process

Statement of Evidence: Alastair MacCormick - OVERSEER® and proposed Plan Change 10; the use of reference files 

Statement of Evidence: Simon Park - The use of OVERSEER® and reference files

Evidence Received from Submitters

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 1

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 2

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 3

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 4

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 5

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 6

Lindsay Moore and Alison Moore - 7

Ballance Agri-Nutrients - Kevin Wood


Beef + Lamb (2)

Chris Hook

Chris Hook and Philip Schofield 

Chris Hook and Philip Schofield (2)

Chris Sutton

CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd

Federated Farmers

Federated Farmers (2) 

Fertiliser Association

DairyNZ/Fonterra (1)

DairyNZ/Fonterra (2)

Gro2 Ltd

Gro2 Ltd presentation 

John and Wendy Roe

Kaingaroa Timberlands Partnership

Kit Rutherford presentation

Lachlan McKenzie

Lake Rotorua Primary Producers Collective

Lake Water Quality Society presentation

Lake Water Quality Society supplement

Maxwell Douglas

National Policy Statement - Freshwater Management

Oturua Properties Ltd

Oturoa Properties Ltd (2)

Paul Barton

Paul Barton presentation

P F Olsen

Rotorua District Residents & Ratepayers

Sharon Morrell

Stuart and Heather Morrison

The Oil Companies

The Oil Companies (2)

Tony and Joanna Carr presentation

Warren Parker

Expert Evidence Received from Submitters

DairyNZ - Carla Muller 

DairyNZ -  Dr Tom Stephens

The Fertiliser Association - Final

The Fertiliser Association - Appendix A

The Fertiliser Association - Appendix B

The Fertiliser Association - Appendix C

Ravensdown - Final

Ravensdown - Annexure A

Ravensdown - Annexure B

Rotorua Lakes Council - Grant Eccles

Rotorua Lakes Council - Simon Banks

Rotorua Lakes Council - James Fuller

Rotorua Lakes Council - Phil Osborne

Summaries of Evidence

Legal Submission on behalf of BOPRC

Legal Submissions of Counsel for Rotorua Lakes Council 

Rebuttal Statements

Alastair MacCormick

Andrew Bruere

Professor David Hamilton

Gemma Moleta

Professor Graeme Doole

Lee Matheson

Nicola Smith

Rebecca Burton (corrected 11:00am Tuesday 7th March)

Sandra Barns

Simon Park

Stephen Lamb

Stephen Lamb supporting material