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Regional Land Transport Plan

Land transport impacts us all in one way or another - from the time it takes us to get to work each morning to the cost of the goods we buy from our local farmers’ market. Is the time we spend traveling a joy or a curse? Is it helping or hindering our health and wellbeing? Are we building the infrastructure we’d be happy to pass on to our children and grandchildren?

The Regional Land Transport Plan has been prepared by the Bay of Plenty Regional Transport Committee and sets the direction that our transport system will take over the next 30 years. It sets out the priorities and activities the region will work towards.

The final Plan is available from the link below.

Regional Land Transport Plan 2015 - 2045 (4.5MB, pdf)

Annual Report Card

The RLTP Annual Report Card tracks a range of transport indicators to enable trends to be measured over time, for example, traffic flows, public transport usage, and the amount of freight carried by road and rail.