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Coastal State of the Environment Report

The Bay of Plenty is a hotspot for marine biodiversity in New Zealand and has a wide range of coastal habitats including estuaries, brackish water lagoons, open sandy beaches, offshore islands and an active volcano.

Offshore islands, such as Astrolabe Reef (Otaiti), White Island (Whakaari) and Mayor Island (Tūhua) are exposed to both warm and cold ocean currents. Their unique location and volcanic origin supports a rich diversity of marine plants and animals.

Estuaries in the Bay of Plenty such as Tauranga Harbour (one of New Zealand’s largest estuaries) are important productive ecosystems. Habitats in and around our estuaries include freshwater wetlands, saltmarsh, mangroves, seagrass, sand and mud flats, rocky reefs and tidal channels.

Find out how healthy these coastal areas are, and how they're being monitored and cared for: