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Coastal Occupation Charges

What are Coastal Occupation Charges?

Coastal occupation charges are a fee paid for the private use of public space within the coastal marine area. The charge provides compensation for loss of opportunities by the public to use and enjoy the coastal marine area because of activities and structures.

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), all regional councils must decide whether or not to introduce coastal occupation charges, and once a decision is made, change their Regional Coastal Environment Plan to include their decision.

Section 401(A)(4) of RMA requires regional councils to state in the first coastal plan change made after 1 October 2014, whether or not they are introducing a coastal occupation charging regime. This means that after 1 October 2014 no other changes to the Regional Coastal Environment Plan can be made until coastal occupation charges have been addressed.

What are we doing?

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has not included coastal occupation charging in the Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan 2014, but we have included a policy that states we will:

Investigate the application of coastal occupation charges in the Bay of Plenty, with the view to including such charges in this regional plan in the future, if appropriate.

A report on Coastal Occupation Charges was presented to the Strategy, Policy and Planning Committee on 11 April 2013.

More information

If you’d like to be involved in any discussions on coastal occupation charges, or would like more information, call Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s freephone 0800 884 880 or email

Find out more about the Regional Policy Statement and the current and Proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan here.