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Regional Air Plan

The Regional Air Plan provides for the control of discharges of contaminants into air for the whole of the Bay of Plenty region, including the coastal marine area. This includes all the land of the region and all the coastal water to the outer limits of the territorial sea, i.e. 12 nautical miles.

The purpose of the plan is to achieve sustainable management of air quality in the Bay of Plenty region. Contaminants in air can affect the health of people and quality of life, ecosystems, damage property, and impinge on the sustainability of air as a natural resource.

The plan specifically addresses discharges into the air that include agrichemicals, odour, geothermal gases and steam, industrial discharges, spray irrigation of liquid waste as well as global issues, i.e. greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances.

Hard copies of the plan are no longer available for purchase but it is available to view at Bay of Plenty Regional Council offices, all public libraries throughout the Bay of Plenty and service centres of Bay of Plenty's city and district councils. It can also be downloaded or viewed online here:

Operative Regional Air Plan - amended version (535KB, pdf)


Plan Change 13 (Air Quality) to the Regional Natural Resources Plan

To streamline the plans related to natural resource management, a number of regional plans, including the Regional Air Plan are being incorporated into one Regional Natural Resources Plan (RNRP)

The new Regional Air Plan will be incorporated into RNRP as Plan Change 13 (Air Quality).

Click here for Plan Change 13 (Air Quality) for information and updates.

Note that the current Regional Air Plan remains in effect until Plan Change 13 becomes operative.