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Oil Spill Response Plan - Tier 2

 Bay of Plenty Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan (Tier II Plan)

All regional councils must have a regional oil spill contingency plan, and regularly test this plan with field and desk top exercises.  

The Regional Council is also required to maintain a trained response team under Maritime NZ requirements, including wildlife response specialists, and we regularly exercise and train all regional responders.

We respond to marine oil spills of regional significance, and assist with spills of national significance. We also have a 24 hour Pollution Hotline service that responds to spills and incidents of oil or other hazardous substances.

This Plan is formally reviewed every three years, and can also be reviewed following a major incident.

As well, the Regional Council and other key stakeholders have agreed priority work areas critical to sustainably managing the Tauranga Harbour under the Tauranga Harbour Programme, which includes a proactive approach to engaging with industry. This includes providing best practice advice and auditing high risk and large-scale activities that have a significant pollution risk for the harbour.

This page includes all sections of the Regional Council’s Tier 2 Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

To find out more, check out the Regional Council’s Coastal Environment Plan, the Maritime Transport Act (1994), Maritime NZ’s Marine Oil Pollution information and Maritime NZ’s Oil Pollution Strategy, currently being updated.

If you spot a spill or note any pollution in a waterway, call our Pollution Hotline 0800 884 883. 


Cover, Introduction and Operations


Annex 1 - Equipment and Resources

Annex 3 - Communications (includes cell phone coverage and maps) 1.78MB

Annex 4 - Sensitive Areas and Coastal Information Maps

Annex 5 - Prediction of Oil Movement 1.63MB
Annex 6 - Memorandums of Understanding  40.0KB
Annex 7 - Document Control  72.0KB
Annex 8 - Forms 10.0KB