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Land Management fact sheets

These fact sheets are available to download. For more information about any of these topics, please contact us on the details below.

3. Protection Fences (57KB, pdf)

4. Farm Tracks: Planning, construction and maintenance (58KB, pdf)

5. Stream Crossings (112KB, pdf)

6. Stock Water Supply (263KB, pdf)

7. Plant selection for environmental protection areas (136KB, pdf)

8. Management of retirement areas (740KB, pdf)

9. Runoff management on pastures (151KB, pdf)

10. Detention dams and drop structures (198KB, pdf)

12. Native plants for revegetation projects (513KB, pdf)

13. Plant selection for disturbed sites (211KB, pdf)

14. Revegetation and shelter plants for coastal conditions (1.2MB, pdf)

15. Establishment practices for revegetation projects (228KB, pdf)

16. Planning farm woodlots (103KB, pdf)

17. Farm shelterbelts (1.98MB, pdf)

18. Grasses and legumes for erosion control (131KB, pdf)

19. Uses and management of Tagasaste (138KB, pdf)

20. Uses and management of Tasmanian blackwood (442KB, pdf)

21. Uses and management of willow species (336KB, pdf)

22. Uses and management of poplar species (137KB, pdf)

24. Efficient fertiliser use (102KB, pdf)

25. Multipurpose exotic tree species (262KB, pdf)

26. Alternative woodlot species (199KB, pdf)

27. Culvert Crossings (135KB, pdf)

28. Care groups (1.1MB, pdf)

30. Land Resource Inventory Mapping (201KB, pdf)

31. Biodiversity in the Bay of Plenty (393KB, pdf)

33. Riparian Management Plan (444KB, pdf)

34. Soil Organic Matter (1.93MB, pdf)

35. Soil structure (1.24MB, pdf)

Getting fish friendly (177KB, pdf)