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Shipping channels

Give way to shipping

The skipper of any power boat, sail boat, paddle craft or other recreational or commercial vessel whether underway or at anchor shall ensure that their craft does not impede the navigation of any vessel of 500 gross tonnes or more.

If the pilot vessel or patrol boat asks you to move from the shipping channelsyou must move promptly.

Remember that large ships need plenty of room and will be travelling a lot faster than you think as they enter our harbours. This also means they cannot stop quickly.

Do not cross the bow of a large ship, they cannot see you.  Keep your distance.

When fishing in the main Tauranga Harbour channel, allow plenty of time to move out of the way.  Know the shipping movements of the day check out

Ships Blindspot

Tauranga Harbour Navigational Safety Management System

Please read this document here  (598 KB).